Hello and welcome to the newly launched Elvetti website. We don’t believe that things should be saved for Sunday Best, we feel that every day is precious. We’re all about making little improvements in our lives each week so that we can live the lifestyle we dream about right now.

A Little Background

I’ve spent most of my career being self-employed, primarily as a musician. For a while I was signed to a record label but once that contract ended, decided to self-release so that I could manage my own career path. As a self-releasing musician you have to wear a ridiculous array of hats, including songwriter, producer and performer. You also need to work as a booker, promoter, sound and lighting engineer and roadie. To promote yourself you need graphic design, photo editing, video editing, website building and digital marketing skills!

Over the years I’ve ended up helping a lot of other musicians to advance their careers and then found myself assisting a number of businesses set up their websites and digital marketing campaigns. While fun, I’ve always enjoyed running my own businesses and so in 2018 I’m launching a number of blogs, including Elvetti.

I’m looking forward to bringing you details on a range of products and services that will bring a little luxury into your life.

Atheen x