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I’m a huge fan of ths KISS mantra (Keep It Simple Stupid). It’s one that I’ve had to recite to myself many times throughout my life as I overcomplicated things and then got into a state of complete overwhelm – I’m sure that many of you can relate!

During what has been a very challenging few months for us all, this mantra has probably become more relevant than ever. I’ve heard of so many cases now where being in lockdown has made people re-evaluate their lifestyles, career choices and dreams.

Suddenly the things that seemed important are a lot less relevant to us as we simplify and adjust to our new circumstances. While being challenging, lockdown had also been freeing – we’ve had time to evaluate what is important in life.

Many of us have rediscovered the joys of being around family more, re-learning to bake from scratch and not having to spend endless hours of our lives commuting. We’ve also cured ourselves of the habit of buying things that we don’t truly want or need!

During the last recession we ended up in a situation where it was better for us to say goodbye to our home and live overseas for a while. Although initially unsettling, it was actually very liberating to know that everything I had with me was contained in just two suitcases.

On our return to the UK, I visited our storage unit and realised just how much ‘stuff’ I owned that I didn’t need and have since made a concerted effort not to fall into this pattern again. Since then it’s been about quality rather than quantity.

Which brings me to my next point. People are getting rather tired of poor quality goods that break quickly and are adding to landfill at an alarming rate. Far better to hold out for a while and spend on something that not only feels more luxurious, but that is going to have much more longevity.

One of our objectives over the coming months is to seek out and highlight local manufacturers that are turning out quality products. Better for the environment and for us – no more tolerating broken plastic and transparent, ill-fitting clothing!